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¡°Good luck?¡± Harry repeated as the door closed behind Dumbledore. ¡°Three turns? What's he talking about? What are we supposed to do?¡±

¡°Yeah,¡± said Stan, still rubbing his chest. ¡°Yeah, that's right. Very close to You-Know-¡®Oo, they say¡­anyway, when little ¡®Arry Potter got the better of You-Know-¡®Oo¡± ¡ª Harry nervously flattened his bangs down again ¡ª ¡°all You-Know-¡®Oo's supporters was tracked down, wasn't they, Ern? Most of ¡®em knew it was all over, wiv You-Know-¡®Oo gone, and they came quiet. But not Sirius Black. I ¡®eard he thought ¡®e'd be second-in-command once You-Know-¡®Oo ¡®ad taken over.

¡°We'll have to hide in here,¡± said Hermione, who looked very shaken. ¡°We need to wait until they've gone back to the castle. Then we wait until it's safe to fly Buckbeak up to Sirius's window. He won't be there for another couple of hours¡­. Oh, this is going to be difficult¡­.¡±

There was a long silence.

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