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He squeezed Buckbeak's sides with his heels. Harry and Hermione jumped back as the enormous wings rose once more¡­ The Hippogriff took off into the air¡­ He and his rider became smaller and smaller as Harry gazed after them¡­ then a cloud drifted across the moon¡­. They were gone.

¡°Harry!¡± said a voice in his right ear. Harry started and looked around at Hermione, who was sitting at the table right behind them and clearing a space in the wall of books that had been hiding her.

¡°And, sir, I'll need this shrivelfig skinned,¡± said Malfoy, his voice full of malicious laughter.

¡°We've got two unbeatable Beaters.¡±

Harry was bursting to say that he'd rather live in an orphanage than with the Dursleys, but the thought of the Hogsmeade form stopped him. He forced his face into a painful smile.

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