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¡°I really wish I could hear that great hairy moron trying to defend himself¡­¡®There's no ¡®arm in ¡®im, ¡®onest ¡ª'¡­That Hippogriff's as good as dead ¡ª¡±

¡°So how about it?¡± Ron said to Harry as though there had been no interruption. ¡°Come on, last time we went you didn't see anything. You haven't even been inside Zonko's yet!¡±

¡°Oh,¡± said Ron, looking slightly put out.

Harry took Malfoy's shrivelfig as Ron began trying to repair the damage to the roots he now had to use. Harry skinned the shrivelfig as fast as he could and flung it back across the table at Malfoy without speaking. Malfoy was smirking more broadly than ever.

¡°Hagrid, what is it?¡± said Hermione, aghast.

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