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¡°Now,¡± said Snape in his most dangerous voice.

But that wasn't right, Harry thought suddenly¡­Scabbers had been looking ill before he met Crookshanks¡­ ever since Ron's return from Egypt¡­since the time when Black had escaped¡­.

¡°Yes, I did. I don't think any of us have seen Professor Dumbledore that angry. They have been growing restless for some time¡­furious at his refusal to let them inside the grounds¡­I suppose they were the reason you fell?¡±

¡°Expecto patronum!¡± Harry yelled. ¡°Expecto patronum! Expecto ¡ª¡±

¡°¡ª Pettigrew attacked Ron, it wasn't Sirius ¡ª¡±

Hagrid drew his finger swiftly across his throat, then gave a great wail and lurched forward, his face in his arms.

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