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He felt drained and strangely empty, even though he was so full of chocolate. Terrible though it was to hear his parents¡¯ last moments replayed inside his head, these were the only times Harry had heard their voices since he was a very small child. But he'd never be able to produce a proper Patronus if he half wanted to hear his parents again ¡­

¡°That will do, Severus,¡± said Dumbledore quietly. ¡°Think about what you are saying. This door has been locked since I left the ward ten minutes ago. Madam Pomfrey, have these students left their beds?¡±

Professor McGonagall stared at him.

¡°Forward, Neville, and finish him off!¡± said Lupin as the Boggart landed on the floor as a cockroach. Crack! Snape was back. This time Neville charged forward looking determined.

¡°There's nothing wrong with Malfoy's arm!¡± said Harry furiously. ¡°He's faking it!¡±

¡°She says I've got all the makings of a true Seer,¡± she informed Harry and Ron. ¡°I saw loads of stuff¡­Well, good luck!¡±

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