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Safe in the shadows of the trees, Harry turned around; seconds later, Hermione arrived beside him, panting.

They had a very enjoyable lesson. Professor Lupin had brought along a glass box containing a Hinkypunk, a little one-legged creature who looked as though he were made of wisps of smoke, rather frail and harmless looking.


¡°In here!¡± Hermione seized Harry's arm and dragged him across the hall to the door of a broom closet; she opened it, pushed him inside among the buckets and mops, then slammed the door behind them.

¡°Well, when it works correctly, It conjures up a Patronus,¡± said Lupin, ¡°which is a kind of anti-Dementor ¡ª a guardian that acts as a shield between you and the Dementor.¡±

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