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¡°Now, Snape,¡± said Fudge, startled, ¡°the young lady is disturbed in her mind, we must make allowances ¡ª¡±

¡°MORE BRANDY!¡± yelled Uncle Vernon, who had gone very white. He emptied the bottle into Aunt Marge's glass. ¡°You, boy,¡± he snarled at Harry. ¡°Go to bed, go on ¡ª¡±

¡°Crookshanks!¡± Hermione whispered uncertainly. She now grasped Harry's arm painfully hard. ¡°How did he know ¡ª?¡±

¡°OY!¡± Ron roared, seizing his bag as Crookshanks sank four sets of claws deep inside it and began tearing ferociously. ¡°GET OFF, YOU STUPID ANIMAL!¡±

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