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Harry put the leather case aside and picked up his last parcel. He recognized the untidy scrawl on the brown paper at once: this was from Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper. He tore off the top layer of paper and glimpsed something green and leathery, but before he could unwrap it properly, the parcel gave a strange quiver, and whatever was inside it snapped loudly ¡ª as though it had jaws.

Unless Harry's eyes were deceiving him, Fudge was suddenly looking awkward.

¡°May I?¡± said Professor McGonagall, but she didn't wait for an answer before pulling the Firebolt out of their hands. She examined it carefully from handle to twig-ends. ¡°Hmm. And there was no note at all, Potter? No card? No message of any kind?¡±

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