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¡°Harry, I don't understand what Dumbledore wants us to do. Why did he tell us to go back three hours? How's that going to help Sirius?¡±

¡°Another sweater from Mum¡­maroon again¡­see if you've got one.¡±

¡°This place is haunted!¡± said Ron.

¡°NO YOU DON'T!¡± roared Harry, and he aimed a kick at Crookshanks that made the cat leap aside, spitting; Harry snatched up his wand and turned ¡ª

¡°But Harry isn't going to keep it!¡± said Hermione, as though the idea were ludicrous. ¡°He's going to hand it in to Professor McGonagall, aren't you, Harry?¡±

¡°Ron!¡± Hermione moaned.

Dudley smirked and withdrew his gaze from the television. Watching Harry being bullied by Uncle Vernon was Dudley's favorite form of entertainment.

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