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He stopped on a picture of his parents¡¯ wedding day. There was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair Harry had inherited standing up in all directions. There was his mother, alight with happiness, arm in arm with his dad. And there¡­that must be him. Their best man¡­Harry had never given him a thought before.

¡°You're the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we've ever had!¡± said Harry. ¡°Don't go!¡±

¡°And yet ¡ª is it good for him to be given so much special treatment? Personally, I try and treat him like any other student. And any other student would be suspended ¡ª at the very least ¡ª for leading his friends into such danger. Consider, Minister ¡ª against all school rules ¡ª after all the precautions put in place for his protection ¡ª out-of-bounds, at night, consorting with a werewolf and a murderer ¡ª and I have reason to believe he has been visiting Hogsmeade illegally too ¡ª¡±

¡°Malfoy's dad must have told him,¡± said Harry, ignoring Ron. ¡°He was right in Voldemort's inner circle ¡ª¡±

The day before the match, the winds reached howling point and the rain fell harder than ever. It was so dark inside the corridors and classrooms that extra torches and lanterns were lit. The Slytherin team was looking very smug indeed, and none more so than Malfoy.

¡°¡­ sentenced to execution by beheading, to be carried out by the Committee's appointed executioner, Walden Macnair¡­¡±

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